noun: fervor
  1. 1.
    intense and passionate feeling.
    "he talked with all the fervour of a new convert"
  2. 2.
    intense heat.

We often get asked, what does it mean, what do you stand for, how did the name come about, what is the logo?  So here is a more detailed explanation of how Fervor came to be.

Fervor was created by a series of events, but the principles were already there.  We strongly believe in the two above definitions and as a result, Fervor was born.

From a combination of being a Graphic Illustrator and many years working within surf, snowboard and lifestyle industry, for corporate giants and big name brands that you are probably wearing today, we decided to set about doing it alone.

Fervor is about the passion behind what you do, if you're not having fun, why are you doing it?  

We are not against being the best in what you do, far from it, be the best in everything you do, we just stand by the "free-riding" ethos that seems to be getting lost in the evolution of sports.  What was once referred to as a 'Soul Surfer' has expanded into all aspects of life and the term "free rider" now refers to a way of life, not linked to any one sport and free from negativity, patronisation and subjective competition.  We believe in the ability to perform better through freedom and expression over a formulated structure, and self improvement is from having fun.  The intense and passionate feeling, every time you paddle into a wave, pick up your guitar or your knee deep in fresh powder.  When nothing else matters and you lose yourself in the moment.  That's when you're free.

It is with this same passion that the 5700 stitches in every hand made beanie are knitted by hand, one at a time.  All dyed items are done by hand, all prints are hand printed.  


It started with a hat...

The first items created under the Fervor Brand was our hand-kitted beanies. Something that was never meant to be a starting point for a brand.  Coincidence came up again when we were given an opportunity to go to the Arctic circle, what better time and place could there be than here in the winter to test out our new designed hats.  The result was fantastic and therefore the second definition seemed as appropriate as the first.  This securing the name and defining the need for a flame as a logo.



For The Free.